60 Minutes

60 Minutes (1968)

  • Genre: News
  • Creator: Don Hewitt
  • First Air Date: 1968-09-24
  • Last Air Date: 2024-07-07
  • Total Seasons: 37
  • Total Episodes: 886
  • Status: Returning Series
  • Episode Runtime: 44 min.
  • Production Company: CBS News Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • Networks: CBS
star 6.6/10
From 62 Ratings


America's popular television News magazine in which an ever changing team of CBS News correspondents contribute segments ranging from hard news coverage to politics to lifestyle and pop culture.


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60 Minutes Seasons

Season 1

First Air Date: 1968-09-24
6 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 1969-09-16
1 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 1970-09-15
1 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 1971-09-19
1 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 1972-10-01
1 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 1974-01-06
1 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 16

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 22

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 24

First Air Date:
2 Episodes

Season 27

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 28

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 31

First Air Date:
1 Episodes

Season 34

First Air Date: 2001-09-23
12 Episodes

Season 35

First Air Date: 2002-09-29
3 Episodes

Season 36

First Air Date: 2003-09-28
1 Episodes

Season 37

First Air Date: 2004-09-26
1 Episodes

Season 38

First Air Date: 2005-09-25
2 Episodes

Season 39

First Air Date: 2006-09-24
3 Episodes

Season 40

First Air Date: 2007-09-23
52 Episodes

Season 41

First Air Date: 2008-09-28
50 Episodes

Season 42

First Air Date: 2009-09-27
46 Episodes

Season 43

First Air Date: 2010-09-26
51 Episodes

Season 44

First Air Date: 2011-09-25
53 Episodes

Season 45

First Air Date: 2012-09-30
48 Episodes

Season 46

First Air Date: 2013-09-29
51 Episodes

Season 47

First Air Date: 2014-09-21
52 Episodes

Season 48

First Air Date: 2015-06-28
55 Episodes

Season 49

First Air Date: 2016-09-25
23 Episodes

Season 50

First Air Date: 2017-09-24
55 Episodes

Season 51

First Air Date: 2018-09-30
51 Episodes

Season 52

First Air Date: 2019-09-28
50 Episodes

Season 53

First Air Date: 2020-09-20
51 Episodes

Season 54

First Air Date: 2021-09-12
56 Episodes

Season 55

First Air Date: 2022-09-18
54 Episodes

Season 56

First Air Date: 2023-09-17
46 Episodes

Season 57

First Air Date: 2024-09-22
1 Episodes

60 Minutes Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Pilot60 min
Season 1Episode 28 Oct. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 322 Oct. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 412 Nov. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 526 Nov. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 610 Dec. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 724 Dec. 196860 min
Season 1Episode 87 Jan. 196960 min
Season 1Episode 914 Jan. 196960 min
Season 1Episode 1022 Apr. 196960 min
Season 2Episode 1Agnew and the Press60 min
Season 5Episode 1Thomas Hart Benton60 min
Season 7Episode 127 Apr. 197560 min
Season 7Episode 2Panama Canal; Thomas Hart Benton60 min
Season 7Episode 3Judy/The Ultra Secret60 min
Season 8Episode 1Rural Justice/Wildcat Trucker/The Case Against College60 min
Season 8Episode 2Heart Attack!/The Kids from Council Bluffs/Hippies60 min
Season 8Episode 3Tokyo Rose/Communism, Italian Style/Two Can Live as Cheaply as One60 min
Season 9Episode 1Victims/What's with Iceland?/Ronald Reagan60 min
Season 11Episode 1Noah, Iran, Limited Edition60 min
Season 11Episode 2Backstage on 'The Muppet Show'60 min
Season 12Episode 1John Silber60 min
Season 12Episode 2Anita O'Day; Free Guilty Persons; Rolls-Royce factory60 min
Season 16Episode 15 Dec. 198360 min
Season 16Episode 2Korematsu v. The U.S.60 min
Season 17Episode 1One Third of a Nation60 min
Season 18Episode 2The Defector60 min
Season 18Episode 318 May 198660 min
Season 19Episode 1Liza Minnelli; Xavier Suarez60 min
Season 19Episode 2Lourdes/The Dirtiest River/It's a Gamble/A Few Minutes with Andy Rooney60 min
Season 19Episode 3Kurt Waldheim, Anchorman/Donny and Marie/The $500 Million Loan60 min
Season 20Episode 1Clang, Clang, Clang Went the Trolley60 min
Season 20Episode 2Wright Is Wrong?60 min
Season 21Episode 1Yahoo Serious Interviews Himself (A Satire)60 min
Season 22Episode 14 Feb. 199060 min
Season 22Episode 23 Jun. 199060 min
Season 23Episode 1Werner Erhard60 min
Season 24Episode 1Made in China/Epidemic/Live or Die60 min
Season 24Episode 2The Secret Life of Dennis Levine/Thoral Sundt, M.D./The Last Sioux Brave60 min
Season 24Episode 3The Trials of Juanita/The KGB/1-800-Con-Man60 min
Season 25Episode 1Gay Cops/Class of '71/Growing Up in L.A.60 min
Season 25Episode 2Saddam's Banker/Clean Air, Clean Water, Dirty Fight/Movie Mavericks60 min
Season 25Episode 3Hire/Mr. President/The Cure That Killed60 min
Season 25Episode 4Made in the USA/Acceptable Risks/Your Kidding!60 min
Season 25Episode 5Hell on Earth/Larry King/Senor Presidente?60 min
Season 25Episode 6Why Did He Quit?/The Battlefield/As Simple as Black & White60 min
Season 25Episode 7The Chairman/Camille Paglia/China Syndrome60 min
Season 25Episode 8Lincoln Electric/Caitlin's Story/Kirk Douglas60 min
Season 25Episode 9Cleaning Up/Act-Up/A Matter of Interest60 min
Season 25Episode 10Woody Allen/Johnny D/Hard Choices60 min
Season 25Episode 11Parricide/To Catch a Thief/Richard the Lionhearted60 min
Season 25Episode 12The Forgotten Hostage/Down-Home Diva/Family Crimes60 min
Season 25Episode 13Cigar/Wild Man of West 96th Street/Forensic Pathologist60 min
Season 25Episode 14Some of His Best Friends Are.../Pan Am 103/Hud-Gate60 min
Season 25Episode 15Jehovah's Witnesses/Piney Woods/Rx Drugs60 min
Season 25Episode 16Ameena/The Orange Juice Man/Top Gun60 min
Season 25Episode 17Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Harassment/Nureyev & Diz/A Tale of Two Cities60 min
Season 25Episode 18A Hand in the Till/The Octopus/This Happy Breed60 min
Season 25Episode 19The Year of the Woman/Playboy: The Princess of Playboy/Michael Carey, M.D.60 min
Season 25Episode 20Camille/Texas Rules/Donna & Ricardo's Baby60 min
Season 25Episode 21War Criminal?/Alive and Well in Quincy/Tango Finlandia60 min
Season 25Episode 22Medical Miracle/Whoopi/The Economy, Stupid60 min
Season 25Episode 23Totaled/Dancing Feet/Just Say Yes60 min
Season 25Episode 24Sharks Don't Get Cancer/Field of Dreams/Callahan60 min
Season 25Episode 25Lloyd's of London/Brezhnev's Daughter/The Reverend Sharpton60 min
Season 25Episode 26How Did He Get Here?/Tearing of the Green/Massacre at El Mozote60 min
Season 25Episode 27The Archbishop/Odds Are/The Jesuit Murders60 min
Season 25Episode 28The Informers/Hongcouver/Officer Harding60 min
Season 25Episode 29The Rainbow Curriculum/The Man with the Golden Arm/Yeltsin60 min
Season 25Episode 30Ten Will Get You Five/The Last Governor/Joint Venture60 min
Season 25Episode 31Dragon Head/The Old School Tie/Sidney Rittenberg60 min
Season 25Episode 32Macho, Tough and Gay/Equal But Separate/Cell Block 3A60 min
Season 25Episode 33Coming to America/John Silber of Boston University/The Great White Chief60 min
Season 25Episode 34Buying Time/Gospel According to Luke/Are You Covered?60 min
Season 25Episode 35Rock Newman/Class of '71/This Land Is My Land60 min
Season 25Episode 36Flight 870/Fountain of Youth/Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Harassment60 min
Season 25Episode 37A Gem of an Idea/Come to Harlem/Common Ground60 min
Season 26Episode 1Waste and Fraud/Yes... But Is It Art?/Blood Money60 min
Season 27Episode 1The Killers/Bud McFarlane/A Matter of Honor60 min
Season 28Episode 1Saddam's Son/Wanted/Andre Agassi60 min
Season 29Episode 1Ted Kaczynski's Family/Raking It In60 min
Season 30Episode 1The I.R.S./Welfare a La Carte/Steals & Lies60 min
Season 31Episode 1Heaven on Earth?/Who Will Succeed Him?/The Most Feared Gangster60 min
Season 31Episode 3560 Minutes The Moral Minority/Connery, Sean Connery/War Crimes60 min
Season 32Episode 1Kipp/Frank McCourt/Playing Ball with the KGB60 min
Season 33Episode 1Bridgestone Firestone/Michael Tilson Thomas/Smallpox60 min
Season 34Episode 1Lost in America/The Mind of a Suicide Bomber/What Are They Saying About Us?/Laura Bush60 min
Season 35Episode 1The Arafat Papers/Over the Hill?/Kidnapped60 min
Season 36Episode 1Tulia, Texas/Musically Speaking/Eminent Domain60 min
Season 37Episode 1The "Canadian Lottery" scam60 min
Season 37Episode 2Bill Parcel60 min
Season 37Episode 3Queen Latifah | Genocide in Darfur60 min
Season 37Episode 4I Would Kill Again60 min
Season 37Episode 5Emmet Till | Jon Stewart60 min
Season 37Episode 6Arnold Schwarzenegger | Ashlee Simpson | U.S. Troops in Iraq60 min
Season 37Episode 7Anti-debt Crusader Dave Ramsey60 min
Season 37Episode 8Michael Scheuer | Vioxx60 min
Season 37Episode 9The Hoodia Plant | Jim Carrey60 min
Season 37Episode 10Dustin Hoffman60 min
Season 37Episode 11Bob Dylan60 min
Season 37Episode 12Who Killed Carolyn Muncey?/A Feisty Farewell/Cinderella Story60 min
Season 37Episode 32Barry Minkow60 min
Season 37Episode 33Child Prodigies60 min
Season 38Episode 1Hostage | The Search for Bin Laden | The Captain60 min
Season 38Episode 2Chalabi | A Fractured Mind | Elian60 min
Season 38Episode 3My FBI | The Dinner Set Gang | Nascar Family60 min
Season 38Episode 4Addicted to Heroin | Romo | The Lord God Bird60 min
Season 38Episode 538 Years, 6 Months, 4 Days | Michael Jordan | Rex60 min
Season 38Episode 6The Outing of Valerie Plame | Whose Life Is It Anyway? | Prince Charles60 min
Season 38Episode 7The Airport Road | The First Man | The Winner60 min
Season 38Episode 8After Shock | Burning Rage | Mad Money Man60 min
Season 38Episode 9Illegal and Thriving | New Orleans is Sinking | U260 min
Season 38Episode 10Plan B | Living Large | James Blake60 min
Season 38Episode 11Chasing The Flu | MS-13 | Howard Stern60 min
Season 38Episode 12Dying to Get in | Rendition | Swimming with Sharks60 min
Season 38Episode 13The Bridge to Gretna | Rendition | Morgan Freeman60 min
Season 38Episode 14Three Stories of Survival60 min
Season 38Episode 15The New Space Race | Fighting AIDS | Immortality60 min
Season 38Episode 16Gangster Cops? | Sir Howard | Bode60 min
Season 38Episode 17John Murtha | The Hermit Kingdom | Felicity60 min
Season 38Episode 18The Oil Sands | Kinky for Governor | Fatal1ty60 min
Season 38Episode 19Worst Case Scenario | Prisoner of Pain | Off the Scale60 min
Season 38Episode 20State of Denmark | Global Warning! | Philip Seymour Hoffman60 min
Season 38Episode 21Montana's Coal Cowboy | On the Waterfront | To Walk Again60 min
Season 38Episode 22Is the Price Right? | The Court Martial of Willie Brand | The Prince of Pot60 min
Season 38Episode 23Brutal | Al Qaeda's Town | Gay or Straight?60 min
Season 38Episode 24Betting on a Fall | Tiger60 min
Season 38Episode 25Dire Predictions from Osama bin Laden's Bodyguard60 min
Season 38Episode 26Death of a General | The Orphanage | Michelle Wie60 min
Season 38Episode 27Terror Behind Bars | Too Many Men | Jamie Oliver60 min
Season 38Episode 28A Spy Speaks Out | Aging in the 21st Century | The Star in Starbucks60 min
Season 38Episode 29Lethal and Leaking | Priory of Sion | Colbert Report60 min
Season 38Episode 30Sallie Mae | The Ethanol Solution | John Daly: Golf and Beer60 min
Season 38Episode 31The New Boss | The Harlem Children's Zone | Not Ready to Make Nice60 min
Season 38Episode 32I'm Mike Wallace: A 60 Minutes Tribute60 min
Season 39Episode 1Five Years Later60 min
Season 39Episode 2Ilegal Gambling | Romo | Howard Stern60 min
Season 39Episode 3Killing the Dying? | Katie and Condoleezza | President Musharraf60 min
Season 39Episode 4State of Denial | Area 25 | Bum Hunting60 min
Season 39Episode 5No Fly List | Pattie Dunn60 min
Season 39Episode 6The Duke Rape Case | A Loss of Faith60 min
Season 39Episode 7The Mother Of All Heists | Two Heartbeats Away | Searching for Jacob60 min
Season 39Episode 8A Fighting Chance | Explosion at Texas City | Big Man On Campus60 min
Season 39Episode 9Buried In Fine Print | The Ship Breakers | Russell Crowe60 min
Season 39Episode 10Ed Bradley: In Memorium60 min
Season 39Episode 11Welcome to Hazleton | Shooting Tigers | Broadway Joe60 min
Season 39Episode 12General Abizaid | The Memory Pill | Blue Jay60 min
Season 39Episode 13Netflix | Hiding From Death | The Gift60 min
Season 39Episode 14Exposing The Truth | The Phantom of Corleone | A New Kind of Fight60 min
Season 39Episode 15Hitler's Secret Archive | The Lonliest People | The King Of Comedy60 min
Season 39Episode 16Revisited: Swimming to Antartica | Rex | The Orphanage60 min
Season 39Episode 17Poisoned | First Lady | Dame Helen60 min
Season 39Episode 18President Bush | Duke LaCrosse Rape Case60 min
Season 39Episode 36Mike Wallace: Some of My Favorite Stories60 min
Season 40Episode 1President Ahmadinejad | Pot Shops | The Match of His Life60 min
Season 40Episode 2The Justice Nobody Knows/What Killed Rebecca Riley?/Invincible60 min
Season 40Episode 3The Man from Interpol/Roots/Springsteen/The Bird Man of Idaho60 min
Season 40Episode 4Blackwater/A Clean Version of Hell/Joel Osteen/Dubai Inc.60 min
Season 40Episode 5The Age of Megafires/Life Saver/No Ordinary Spy60 min
Season 40Episode 6Bombing Afghanistan/What's Wrong with the Bees?/Sarko L'Americain60 min
Season 40Episode 7Curve Ball/The Ivory War/Captain of Capitalism60 min
Season 40Episode 8Superbug/Insanity on Death Row/Here Come the Millennials60 min
Season 40Episode 9Evidence of Injustice/The Youngest Terrorist/Calorie Counting60 min
Season 40Episode 10Awakenings/Hi-Tech Heist/Eagles60 min
Season 40Episode 11The Purge/One Laptop Per Child/Will Smith60 min
Season 40Episode 12Kings of Congo/Prescription for Addiction/LT MVP60 min
Season 40Episode 13Don't Ask, Don't Tell/Garden of Eden/A-Rod60 min
Season 40Episode 14Joel Osteen/Roots/The Winner60 min
Season 40Episode 15The Age of Mega-Fires/Pot Shops/Get Me the Geeks!60 min
Season 40Episode 34The List | Garden of Eden | Bon Jovi60 min
Season 41Episode 1Economy Down | Gen. Ray Odierno | Forming the Universe60 min
Season 41Episode 2Wall Street's Shadow Market | Kill bin Laden | The Race for the Electric Car60 min
Season 41Episode 3The FBI's Wise Guy | The Battle of Sadr City | All in the Family60 min
Season 41Episode 4Combat in Afghanistan | Bank of America | Blood Brothers60 min
Season 41Episode 5Credit Default Swaps | T. Boone Pickens | Goronqosa60 min
Season 41Episode 6Welcome Home, You're Fired | Fake Cop | Bionic People60 min
Season 41Episode 7The Inner Circle | The Wasteland | Ted Turner60 min
Season 41Episode 8Obama's First Interview | Musical Savant60 min
Season 41Episode 9Easy Nukes | For Better or Worse60 min
Season 41Episode 10The Cheaters | The Silver Star | Michael Phelps60 min
Season 41Episode 11The Oil Kingdom | Schnabel60 min
Season 41Episode 12Barney Frank | Where's the Bottom? And Win Forever60 min
Season 41Episode 13Governor Schwarzenegger | Airport Security | Elephant Orphans60 min
Season 41Episode 14The Road to the White House60 min
Season 41Episode 15Mind Reading | Is It Murder? | The Mad Scientist of Football60 min
Season 41Episode 16Wall Street Speculation | Obama's Advisor | Wyclef Jean60 min
Season 41Episode 17The Winter of Our Hardship | No Peace Deal | Wine Rx60 min
Season 41Episode 18Brace For Impact | Coldplay60 min
Season 41Episode 19Buy American | Whistle Blower | Taliban Power60 min
Season 41Episode 20Lower Drinking Age | Muslim Militants | Nazi Mascot60 min
Season 41Episode 21SEC Ignoring Fraud | Mexico's War | The Republican Obama60 min
Season 41Episode 22Follow the Failure | DNA exoneration60 min
Season 41Episode 23What Went Wrong | Nourishment of a Nation60 min
Season 41Episode 24Barrack & Michelle Obama60 min
Season 41Episode 25Do You Have Worms? | Kenya Cats | LeBron James60 min
Season 41Episode 26Closing the Clinic | Torture in Iran | Dolly60 min
Season 41Episode 27Bionic Veterans | Guns for Sale | Steve Wynn's Win60 min
Season 41Episode 28Delayed Retirement | Cold Fusion; Ole'!60 min
Season 41Episode 29Shadowing Biden | Killer Coal | Elephant Orphanage60 min
Season 41Episode 30Amazon Crude | Re-Educating Bin Laden's Disciples | All in the Family60 min
Season 41Episode 31Military | Spy | Baseball60 min
Season 41Episode 32Secretary Gates | AIG | Anna Wintour60 min
Season 41Episode 33Buy American | Sergeant Bill | Wine RX60 min
Season 42Episode 1McChrystal | The Liquidator | A Living for the Dead60 min
Season 42Episode 2The Swindler | 130 Million Tons of Waste | The Great Migration60 min
Season 42Episode 3Golf Company | A Blow to the Brain | The Birdmen60 min
Season 42Episode 4The Kanzius Machine | Drew Barrymore60 min
Season 42Episode 560 Billion Dollar Fraud | Fight for a Cure | Tyler Perry60 min
Season 42Episode 6H1N1 Vaccine | Yakuza | The Movie Pirates60 min
Season 42Episode 7Cyber War | Andre Agassi60 min
Season 42Episode 8The Deadliest Weapon | B-Rex | Resurrecting Eden60 min
Season 42Episode 9The Cost of Dying | Witness | Cameron's Avatar60 min
Season 42Episode 10Congo's Gold War | Robert Ballard60 min
Season 42Episode 11The Zone | Personal Foul60 min
Season 42Episode 12President Obama | Growing Body Parts | Ricky Gervais60 min
Season 42Episode 13The Long Recession | The Patriarch | Alec Baldwin60 min
Season 42Episode 14California Water Drought | Oust al Qaeda | The Birdmen60 min
Season 42Episode 15A Crack in the Swiss Vault | Delay, Deny and Hope that i Die | The Secret Language of Elephants60 min
Season 42Episode 16Watching the Border | Revelations from the Campaign | Resurrecting the Extinct60 min
Season 42Episode 17Haiti | Football Island | Penelope Cruz60 min
Season 42Episode 18The Quiet Professionals | White Hot | Beyonce60 min
Season 42Episode 19Made in America | Davos | Pigeon Fever60 min
Season 42Episode 20Blackwater 61 | Bloom Box | Ground Zero60 min
Season 42Episode 21Stealing America's Secrets | Battle Over History | Kathryn Bigelow60 min
Season 42Episode 2260 Minutes Presents: Blood Brothers60 min
Season 42Episode 23Inside The Collapse | Derek60 min
Season 42Episode 24Chief of Staff | The Lost Children of Haiti | Tennis Twins60 min
Season 42Episode 25The Case Against Nada Prouty | The Russian is Coming | The Sharkman60 min
Season 42Episode 26Who Owns Your Genes? | Death Sentences Survived | Smokeless Cigarettes60 min
Season 42Episode 27Gotti Family Member | Meet the New Missing Link60 min
Season 42Episode 2821st Century Snake Oil | Al Pacino60 min
Season 42Episode 29The Narrative | Boosting Brain Power | Competing Against Time60 min
Season 42Episode 30Conan O'Brien | The All American Canal | Chef Jose Andres60 min
Season 42Episode 31Homegrown Terror | Sec. of State Hillary Clinton | People Walking out on Their Mortgages60 min
Season 42Episode 32Deepwater Horizon disaster | Conductor Gustavo Dudamel60 min
Season 42Episode 33Are They Safe? | The Seed School | Marty's Big Idea60 min
Season 43Episode 1A Relentless Enemy | People Behind the Mosque | Cool Brees60 min
Season 43Episode 2Unfinished Business | The Go-To-Guy | Giving Away a Fortune60 min
Season 43Episode 3High Frequency Trading | Nelson Mandela | Eminem60 min
Season 43Episode 4City of David | Stand Down | Market Street60 min
Season 43Episode 5The 99ers | Jane Goodall | Top Gear60 min
Season 43Episode 6Anger in the Land | Tax the Rich | Zenyatta60 min
Season 43Episode 7President Obama | Pacman60 min
Season 43Episode 8Shaleionaires | Haiti | Medal of Honor60 min
Season 43Episode 9The Merchant of Death | Designing Life | Mark Wahlberg60 min
Season 43Episode 10Good Cop, Bad Cop | Spider-Man | John Paul Stevens60 min
Season 43Episode 11The Chairman | Facebook60 min
Season 43Episode 12The Next Speaker | Brazil | Jerry Jones60 min
Season 43Episode 13The Day of Reckoning | Endless Memory60 min
Season 43Episode 1460 Minutes Presents: Into the Wild60 min
Season 43Episode 15Bad Medicine | Wynton60 min
Season 43Episode 16The Big Gamble | Silver or Lead | A Living for the Dead60 min
Season 43Episode 17Descent Into Madness | Yemen | The Gambler60 min
Season 43Episode 18Wikileaks | In Search of the Jaguar60 min
Season 43Episode 1960 Minutes Presents: Gotti60 min
Season 43Episode 20New Age Revolution | The 33 | Lady Gaga60 min
Season 43Episode 21The Spark | Scott Brown: Against All Odds | The King's Speech60 min
Season 43Episode 2260 Minutes Presents: 21st Century Cons60 min
Season 43Episode 23Hard Times Generation | Hitchens | Spy on the Ice60 min
Season 43Episode 24Curve Ball | Counterfeit Drugs | The $125,000 Question60 min
Season 43Episode 25Japan | The N-Word | The Archbishop60 min
Season 43Episode 26The New Tax Havens | One Child at a Time | Coach Hurley60 min
Season 43Episode 27The Next Housing Shock | Gospel for Teens60 min
Season 43Episode 28The Murder of Louis Allen | The Library | Albert Pujols60 min
Season 43Episode 29Greg Mortenson | The Case of Beckett Brennan | The Co-Founder60 min
Season 43Episode 30Mount Athos | The Billionaire60 min
Season 43Episode 31Lara Logan | Mitch Landrieu | Zenyatta60 min
Season 43Episode 32President Obama60 min
Season 43Episode 33The Soldiers' Secretary | Afghanistan's Top Spy | Sovereign Citizens60 min
Season 43Episode 34The FBI and The Grim Reaper | U.S. v. Drake | Children in the Fields | Al Sharpton60 min
Season 44Episode 1NYPD's Counterterrorism Unit | Trey Parker and Matt Stone60 min
Season 44Episode 2Otsuchi, Japan | Alex Honnold | Andy Rooney60 min
Season 44Episode 3Jeffery Immelt | The Egyptian Military60 min
Season 44Episode 4Gen. John Allen | Vincent van Gogh60 min
Season 44Episode 5Steve Jobs | Apps for Autistic People60 min
Season 44Episode 6Madoffs | All American60 min
Season 44Episode 7A Lobbyist's Playbook | Operation Proper Exit60 min
Season 44Episode 8Insiders | Taser | Freeman Hrabowski60 min
Season 44Episode 9Christine Lagarde | The Pledge | Taylor Swift60 min
Season 44Episode 10Hard Times Generation | The Flavorists | Angelina60 min
Season 44Episode 11Prosecuting Wall Street | Michael Buble60 min
Season 44Episode 12President Obama | Howard Buffett60 min
Season 44Episode 13The Majority Leader | The Gardens of the Queen | Meryl Streep60 min
Season 44Episode 14The Library | Mount Athos60 min
Season 44Episode 15Stem Cell Treatments | Brothers in the Marines | Truffles60 min
Season 44Episode 16Groupon | Qatar | Jake60 min
Season 44Episode 17Wildebeest Migration | Elephant Dictionary | Jane Goodall60 min
Season 44Episode 18Leon Panetta | Roger Goodell | Big Game Species in US60 min
Season 44Episode 19Deception at Duke | India's Gold | The Year of Adele60 min
Season 44Episode 20Trapped in Unemployment | Treating Depression | The Mozart of Chess60 min
Season 44Episode 21Going to Extremes60 min
Season 44Episode 22Stuxnet | The Archbishop of Dublin | Redshirting60 min
Season 44Episode 23The Spymaster Speaks | Teacher to the World | Aerosmith60 min
Season 44Episode 24SpaceX | Face Blindness60 min
Season 44Episode 25Resurrecting Chrysler | Evidence of Innocence | Novak Djokovic60 min
Season 44Episode 26Hard Landing | Sugar | Art Market60 min
Season 44Episode 27An Imperfect Union | The Sport of Kings | Joy in the Congo60 min
Season 44Episode 28Remembering Mike Wallace60 min
Season 44Episode 29The Case Against Lehman | Christians of the Holy Land | The Trouble with Treasure60 min
Season 44Episode 30Hard Measures | Hooked60 min
Season 44Episode 31The Raptor | Cleaning Up Whitley County | Michael Phelps60 min
Season 44Episode 32Hank | The Gulen Movement | The Role of a Lifetime60 min
Season 44Episode 33Dropping Out | Hard Cases | Roger Waters60 min
Season 44Episode 3460 Minutes Presents: Honoring Our Troops60 min
Season 45Episode 1Afghan President Hamid Karzai | US General John Allen | Arnold Schwarzenegger60 min
Season 45Episode 2Chinese Telecom Giant Huawei | U.S. Eyeware Company Luxotyica | Singer Rodriguez60 min
Season 45Episode 3The Syrian Civil War | New Program in Texas for War Vets | Daniel Craig & Barbara Broccoli60 min
Season 45Episode 4Medical Marijuana | Goldman Sachs Employee Greg Smith | Steven Spielberg60 min
Season 45Episode 5Jobs & the Economy in Asheboro, NC | Missing American Historical Treasures | Shahid Khan60 min
Season 45Episode 6Partisan U.S. Senate Gridlock | Historian David McCullough | Football Player Aaron Rodgers60 min
Season 45Episode 7Residents of Belle Harbor, NY | High-Tech Capable Employees | David McCullough60 min
Season 45Episode 8An Immigration & Customs Enforcement Investigation | Infant Morality | College Football Programs60 min
Season 45Episode 9Free the Children | New York City Ballet | Dereck & Beverly Joubert60 min
Season 45Episode 10Claims Against a Hospital Chain | Shin Dong Hyuk | Bertrand Piccard & Abdre Borschberg60 min
Season 45Episode 11Confessing to Crimes They Did Not Commit | The Race to Save the Tortoise | Hugh Jackman60 min
Season 45Episode 12Tragedy in Newton | Costa Concordia | The Vatican Library's treasures60 min
Season 45Episode 13Bionic Limbs | Danish Spy | Judd Apatow60 min
Season 45Episode 14Internet's Impact on the Media David Kelley | The Barcelona Soccer Team's Unique Training System60 min
Season 45Episode 15March of the Machines | Justice Sotomayor | Free Diving60 min
Season 45Episode 16The President and the Secretary of State | The Fall of Lance Armstrong60 min
Season 45Episode 17Attack in Algeria | 40 Million Mistakes | Lincoln60 min
Season 45Episode 18Israel's Iron Dome | World's Largest Civilian Hospital Ship | Downton Abbey's Maggie Smith60 min
Season 45Episode 19The Life and Death of Clay Hunt | China's Real Estate Mogul | China's Real Estate Bubble60 min
Season 45Episode 20Lethal Medicine | Sheryl Sandberg | God's Architect60 min
Season 45Episode 21American Nuns | Twitter Creator Jack Dorsey | Former Hit Man Says He Has Found God60 min
Season 45Episode 22Crackdown in Russia | Blindsided | The Nile Crocodile60 min
Season 45Episode 23The Pioneer Hotel Fire | The Lost Boys60 min
Season 45Episode 24The Newtown Massacre | Basketball Player Jeremy Lin60 min
Season 45Episode 25Searching for Warlord Joseph Kony | Baseball Player R.A. Dickey | Marfa, Texas60 min
Season 45Episode 26The Boston Bombings | Sniffing for Bombs | The 9/11 Museum60 min
Season 45Episode 27Angel of Death | Rosie's Run for the Roses60 min
Season 45Episode 28Counterinsurgency Cops | Robin Hood | Invisible Wounds60 min
Season 45Episode 29The Rescue of Jessica Buchanan | Succeeding as Civilians | Bill Gates 2.060 min
Season 45Episode 30A Face in the Crowd | Three Generations of Punishment | Michael Jackson60 min
Season 46Episode 1The Secretary of State | Imminent Danger | Killing Jesus60 min
Season 46Episode 2The Federal Disability Program | America's First Battle With al-Qaida | Asteroids and Comets60 min
Season 46Episode 3Detroit on the Edge | Boy Wonder: Jack Andraka | Fall of Saigon60 min
Season 46Episode 4Washington's Open Secret | Dick Cheney's Heart | Return of the Humpbacks60 min
Season 46Episode 52012 Al Qaeda Attack on US Consulate in Libya | Former CIA Michael Morrel | Peter Gelb60 min
Season 46Episode 6Guantanamo | Lamborghini | The Perfectionist60 min
Season 46Episode 7210 Days in Captivity | GoPro's Video Revolution | Capturing History60 min
Season 46Episode 8Gitmo | The Giving Pledge | The Recyclers60 min
Season 46Episode 9The Gaskos | The War Within | Gladwell60 min
Season 46Episode 10Inside Amazon | Capital Dome Restoration | Free Diving60 min
Season 46Episode 11Mandela; Survivor60 min
Season 46Episode 12Inside the NSA | The Copts60 min
Season 46Episode 13Susan Rice | Rocky Mountain High | Quarterback Guru60 min
Season 46Episode 1460 Minutes Presents: Going to Extremes60 min
Season 46Episode 15The Cleantech Case | Hollywood's Villans | Volcanos60 min
Season 46Episode 16The Case of Alex Rodriguez | Memory Wizards60 min
Season 46Episode 17Nowhere to Go | Help Wanted | Jay Leno60 min
Season 46Episode 18Sex Matters | Philip Seymour Hoffman | 100,000 Homes60 min
Season 46Episode 19Enemy of the State | The F-35 | Cate Blanchett60 min
Season 46Episode 20The Shooting at Chardon High | The Con Artist | Liam Neeson60 min
Season 46Episode 21The Data Brokers | The Heart of the Revolution | ALMA60 min
Season 46Episode 22Bassem Youssef | Drones Over America | Cajun Ketchup60 min
Season 46Episode 23Manhunt | The Pink Panthers | Cartoons in The New Yorker60 min
Season 46Episode 24Rigged | Fast Cars and Rocket Ships | The Virtuoso60 min
Season 46Episode 25Three Years Later | The Health Wagon | Discovered60 min
Season 46Episode 26Portrait of Pope Francis | Shalane Flanagan Casting Light on the Boston Marathon60 min
Season 46Episode 27Robin Hood | Memory Wizards | Joy in the Congo60 min
Season 46Episode 28America's Missile Fields | Saving the Children60 min
Season 46Episode 29Over a Barrel | 90+60 min
Season 46Episode 30Washington's Open Secret | EMERGENCY | Salmon in the Sea60 min
Season 46Episode 318 Days in Tehran | The Capitol Dome | The Recyclers60 min
Season 47Episode 1The Islamic State | The Tax Refund Scam60 min
Season 47Episode 2President Obama | Chairman Ma60 min
Season 47Episode 3The Director | Cancer Drugs |, Smartest Dog60 min
Season 47Episode 4FBI Director on Privacy | The War on Leaks | The Arrest of El Chapo60 min
Season 47Episode 5Ending Life | Gold Rush | Saving History60 min
Season 47Episode 6Treating Ebola | Breeding Out Disease | Foo Fighters60 min
Season 47Episode 7Campaigning for ISIS | SEAL under fire | Blake Shelton60 min
Season 47Episode 8The Ebola Hot Zone | Cleaning up the VA | Steve Carell60 min
Season 47Episode 9Water | Cardinal Seán | Mandy Patinkin60 min
Season 47Episode 10Falling Apart | Chernobyl | Forgotten Corner of Hell60 min
Season 47Episode 11UN World Food Programme | Kevin Richardson60 min
Season 47Episode 12The Spill at Dan River | Disrupting Cancer | The City of Music60 min
Season 47Episode 13Denied | Inside Homs | Mindfulness60 min
Season 47Episode 14U.S. and Cuba | Senator Tom Coburn | Reese Witherspoon60 min
Season 47Episode 15Inside the Vatican60 min
Season 47Episode 16U.S. Gen. John Campbell and Afghan President Ashraf Ghani60 min
Season 47Episode 17Colorado's Legal Marijuana | Affordable Care Act | Veterans Mountain Climbing60 min
Season 47Episode 18The Republican Leaders | The Cleveland Division | Li Na60 min
Season 47Episode 19DARPA Dan | The Swiss Leaks | Selma60 min
Season 47Episode 20ZMapp, | A New Kind of Terrorist | Bradley Cooper60 min
Season 47Episode 21Bob Simon60 min
Season 47Episode 22The Storm after the Storm | Lumber Liquidators | Larry David60 min
Season 47Episode 23Argentine Prosecutor Assassination | Golf Company Reunion | James Levine | Laminate Flooring Update60 min
Season 47Episode 24Dead or Alive | A Few Good Women | Back to the Wild60 min
Season 47Episode 25Iraq's Christians | Rare Earth Elements | Starstruck60 min
Season 47Episode 26Bashar al Assad | Killing Cancer60 min
Season 47Episode 27Homeland Security | The Good Friday Agreement | Wikimania60 min
Season 47Episode 28The Attack on Sony | Ambassador Kennedy | Rush to Judgment60 min
Season 47Episode 29A Crime Against Humanity | TED Talks | Hoop Dreams60 min
Season 47Episode 30Death in the Mediterranean | The Battle Above60 min
Season 47Episode 31The Lesson of War | All-American | Whisky Island60 min
Season 47Episode 32An Unlikely Informant | The Unknown America | King of Crossfit60 min
Season 47Episode 33A Monumental Project | Child Suicide Bombers | Falling Apart60 min
Season 48Episode 1Vladimir Putin | Donald Trump | The Greatest Escape90 min
Season 48Episode 2Hands off the Wheel | Patrick Kennedy | The Hidden Holocaust60 min
Season 48Episode 3President Obama | 30 Years on Death Row60 min
Season 48Episode 4Seeking Asylum | Make-A-Wish | Revis Island60 min
Season 48Episode 5Vice President Biden | The New Burma | Inside the Air War60 min
Season 48Episode 6Heroin in the Heartland | Smart Guns | The Slave Ship60 min
Season 48Episode 7Into Dangerous Hands | The Collider | Hamilton60 min
Season 48Episode 8The Paris Attacks | The Speaker of the House | Football and the Brain60 min
Season 48Episode 9Active Shooter | Common Enemy | The Future of Money60 min
Season 48Episode 10The Last Prisoner | The Execution of Joseph Wood | Taking on the Eiger60 min
Season 48Episode 11Confidential Informants | Bonobos | The Spy Among Us120 min
Season 48Episode 12A New Direction on Drugs | The New Force Behind Star Wars | Lewis Hamilton60 min
Season 48Episode 13Inside Apple | Michael Caine60 min
Season 48Episode 14Lost in the Bermuda Triangle | Agromafia | Little Jazz Man60 min
Season 48Episode 15The Road to Syria | Life After Death Row | Hamilton60 min
Season 48Episode 16The Great Brain Robbery | Sean Penn | Mountain Lions of L.A.60 min
Season 48Episode 17Heroin in the Heartland, Alive and Kickin', David Bowie60 min
Season 48Episode 18Anonymous, Inc. | Greenland60 min
Season 48Episode 19John Brennan | FIFA | Danny Clinch60 min
Season 48Episode 20Recapture of El Chapo | Elaine Weinstein | Danny Boyle60 min
Season 48Episode 2160 Minutes Presents: Preserving the Past60 min
Season 48Episode 22Dead or Alive | Face Blindness60 min
Season 48Episode 23Prime Minister Trudeau | King of Coal | Death Row in Livingston Texas60 min
Season 48Episode 24Encryption | Aid in Dying | Starchitect60 min
Season 48Episode 25Presidente Marci | Cornel West | The Resurrection of St. Benedict's60 min
Season 48Episode 26Make-A-Wish | The Health Wagon | The Giving Pledge60 min
Season 48Episode 27German Prison Rehabilatation | Choreographer Christopher Wheeldon | Golfer Bubba Watson60 min
Season 48Episode 2828 Pages | Rising in the East | Switching Teams60 min
Season 48Episode 29Not Paid | Hacking Your Phone60 min
Season 48Episode 30The Heroin Epidemic | Dialing for Dollars | Gold Star Parents60 min
Season 48Episode 31Strike-through | Fintech | The Children's Village60 min
Season 48Episode 32Russia's Dark Secret | The Killing Machine | Earthquake Alley60 min
Season 48Episode 33Breakthrough Status | Collateral Damage60 min
Season 48Episode 34Inside Edge / Valerie Jarrett60 min
Season 48Episode 35After Shock | $80 Million Con | The Last Vaquitas60 min
Season 48Episode 36The Republican Ticket | Bastille Day Tragedy | Mountain Lions of L.A.60 min
Season 48Episode 37The Democratic Ticket | Make-A-Wish60 min
Season 49Episode 1The King | The New Cold War | The Picasso Portfolio60 min
Season 49Episode 2The Artic Frontier | Don't Mess with Mary Quin | Nate Parker60 min
Season 49Episode 3Breaking Good | Artificial Intelligence | Gorilla Doctors90 min
Season 49Episode 4Finding Refuge | The Brothers Rosenberg60 min
Season 49Episode 5Ask Ohio | Thrown for a Loss | The Influncers60 min
Season 49Episode 6In God's Name | The Pot Vote | The Music of Zomba Prison60 min
Season 49Episode 7The Zika Virus | The Battle for Mosul | The National Mood60 min
Season 49Episode 8The 45th President60 min
Season 49Episode 9The Match of their Lives | Turkey | Bruno Mars60 min
Season 49Episode 10The Prime Minister | The Alzheimer's Laboratory60 min
Season 49Episode 11The Speaker of the House | The Golden Triangle | Drive-by Lawsuits60 min
Season 49Episode 12The New Columbia | Lost | Benjamin Netanyahu60 min
Season 49Episode 13The White Helmets | The Pope's Choir | Denzel60 min
Season 49Episode 14Pope's Choir | Hamilton60 min
Season 49Episode 15Crisis in Chicago | The Rum War | Passports for Sale60 min
Season 49Episode 16The Coming Swarm | The Hostage Policy | The Hunt for Planet Nine,60 min
Season 49Episode 17Barack Obama: Eight Years in the White House60 min
Season 49Episode 18Avalanche | Enhancing the Bike60 min
Season 49Episode 19A Front Row Seat60 min
Season 49Episode 20Grammy Night30 min
Season 49Episode 21The Remington 700 | The North Korean Threat | USA Gymnastics60 min
Season 49Episode 2260 Minutes Presents: Behind Bars60 min
Season 49Episode 23The Alzheimer's Laboratory | Taking on the Eiger60 min
Season 49Episode 24Le Pen | Saving the Lions | Voices of the Lost60 min
Season 49Episode 25Poisoned | Prisoner 760 | Poisoned Again?60 min
Season 49Episode 26Fighting Famine | You're Fired | New Kid on the Street60 min
Season 49Episode 27Fake News | Chess Country | Attack in Garland60 min
Season 49Episode 28Shots Fired | Peter Marino60 min
Season 49Episode 29Brain Hacking | Chief of Chobani | Japan's Babe Ruth60 min
Season 49Episode 30Return to Newtown | Defenseless | Out of Darkness60 min
Season 49Episode 31America's Steeplechase | Bloomberg | The Judge60 min
Season 49Episode 32Tawdry Tales | Starr Students | Norman Seeff's Archive60 min
Season 49Episode 33Theo and Joe | Deported | The Nuremberg Prosecutor60 min
Season 49Episode 34James Comey | The Bin Laden Documents | Curiosity60 min
Season 49Episode 35Sanctuary | Cook County Jail | Enemy of the State60 min
Season 49Episode 36Operation Car Wash | Snitches | Space Archeaology60 min
Season 49Episode 37A Survivor's March | In the Path of Fire | Life in Outer Space60 min
Season 50Episode 1Hurricane | The Fighter | Divided60 min
Season 50Episode 2The Shooting | Vast | The Young American60 min
Season 50Episode 3Storming Room 135 | Secret Weapon | The Restaurateur60 min
Season 50Episode 4The Whistleblower | Redemption60 min
Season 50Episode 5Inside al Qaeda | Pelican Bay | Corkscrewed60 min
Season 50Episode 6God of War | The Blockade of Qatar | The Forger60 min
Season 50Episode 746 Days | The Leaning Tower of San Francisco | Alma Deutscher60 min
Season 50Episode 8Friendly Fire | Aly Raisman60 min
Season 50Episode 9Catastrophe | Voyagers | Rebuilding from the Wreckage60 min
Season 50Episode 10Feeding Puerto Rico | Wounds of War | The Isle of Eigg60 min
Season 50Episode 1150 Years of 60 Minutes60 min
Season 50Episode 12The Challenger | Donald Sutherland | Gov. Jerry Brown60 min
Season 50Episode 13Too Big to Prosecute | An American Terrorist | Airlift60 min
Season 50Episode 14Delivered from Evil | Japan's Babe Ruth | Whisky Island60 min
Season 50Episode 1560 Minutes Presents: Making a Difference60 min
Season 50Episode 16Disinformation Warfare | Predicting Murder | Impact60 min
Season 50Episode 17Kabul Under Siege | Element of Truth | Portland60 min
Season 50Episode 18The Leaning Tower of San Francisco | Le Carré60 min
Season 50Episode 1960 Minutes Presents: On the 60 Minutes Menu60 min
Season 50Episode 20Showdown | Olympic Cheating | Senator Gillibrand60 min
Season 50Episode 21Secretary of State Rex Tillerson | Divided II60 min
Season 50Episode 22War Crime: Sarin | JR | Jennifer Lawrence60 min
Season 50Episode 23Human Cargo | Secretary of Education | Treating Childhood Trauma60 min
Season 50Episode 24The Monuments | The Clones of Polo | Robert E. Lee Statue60 min
Season 50Episode 25Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia | The Students of Stoneman Douglas | Saudi Women, Unveiled60 min
Season 50Episode 26The Stormy Daniels Interview | The Geek Freek60 min
Season 50Episode 27The Herculaneum Scrolls | Physical Cause of PTSD | Daniel Barenboim60 min
Season 50Episode 28Hacking Democracy | The Legacy of Lynching | The Harvard Lampoon60 min
Season 50Episode 29Flying Under the Radar | Closing the Gender Pay Gap60 min
Season 50Episode 30Data Miner | The Future Factory | For Better or for Worse60 min
Season 50Episode 31CRISPR | The Gates Scholars | Seaweed60 min
Season 50Episode 32Prescription Drug Prices | Saving the Orphans of War | Into the Wild60 min
Season 50Episode 33100,000 Women | Saving a Generation | Shock Therapy60 min
Season 50Episode 34Pope Francis: A Man of His Word | At the Zoo60 min
Season 50Episode 35The Real Power of Google | The Theranos Deception | The Spotted Pig60 min
Season 50Episode 36The Rhino Crisis60 min
Season 50Episode 37North Korea Summit: What's at Stake?60 min
Season 51Episode 1Paul McCartney | The Compromise | Inside the Epidemic60 min
Season 51Episode 2The Kavanaugh Vote | John Green | The Pavarotti of Pasta60 min
Season 51Episode 3President Trump | Photo Ark60 min
Season 51Episode 4Genetic Genealogy | Off the Rails | Fly Like an Eagle60 min
Season 51Episode 5Inside the Secret Archive | America's War Against ISIS | JAAP60 min
Season 51Episode 6High Velocity | As Goes Texas | The Ride of His Life60 min
Season 51Episode 7Your Data | Ultra Deep | The Pact60 min
Season 51Episode 8A Dose of Hope | A Dose of Greed | Tim Green60 min
Season 51Episode 9Chaos on the Border | Robots to the Rescue | To Kill a Mockingbird60 min
Season 51Episode 10George H.W. Bush | Paradise Lost60 min
Season 51Episode 11Elon Musk | Screen Time | Ryan Speedo Green60 min
Season 51Episode 12Taking Aim at Opioids | Plastic Plague60 min
Season 51Episode 13To Catch a Spy | Malta | The Wolves of Yellowstone60 min
Season 51Episode 14Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | President El-Sisi | An Unlikely Inventor60 min
Season 51Episode 15The Committee | The Oracle of AI | A Different Kind of Vision60 min
Season 51Episode 16Howard Schultz | Small Satellites | Jerry and Marge Selbee60 min
Season 51Episode 17Andrew McCabe | The Chibok Girls60 min
Season 51Episode 18The Label | Double Crossed | Made in China60 min
Season 51Episode 19"This Is No Ordinary Lawsuit" | Off Track | Cracking the Code60 min
Season 51Episode 20The Chairman | ACLU | Genetic Revolution60 min
Season 51Episode 21Targeting Americans | Billionaire on the Bus | Monaco60 min
Season 51Episode 22Pegasus | All Bets are On | Samuel L. Jackson60 min
Season 51Episode 23Survivors' Network | Pleistocene Park | The Rock60 min
Season 51Episode 24The Principles of Ray Dalio | A Radical Solution | Attu60 min
Season 51Episode 25The Leader | Game of Thrones | Last Shot in Oakland60 min
Season 51Episode 26A Marriage Made in Hell | Superbugs | Easter Island60 min
Season 51Episode 27On the Border | Online Overdose | The High North60 min
Season 51Episode 28Ransomware | Frontotemporal Dementia | Polar Punk60 min
Season 51Episode 29The Price of Generics | The Most Unlikely Meeting | Mark Bradford60 min
Season 51Episode 30One Loose Thread | Rainbow Railroad | Bitcoin's Wild Ride60 min
Season 52Episode 1The Impeachment Inquiry | Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman | Great White Sharks60 min
Season 52Episode 2The Impeachment Debate | The Ranger and the Serial Killer | The Farmer's Advocate60 min
Season 52Episode 3Hong Kong | Nadia | Psychedelic Science60 min
Season 52Episode 4Tree of Life | Madame Lagarde | The Columbus Letters60 min
Season 52Episode 5Joe Biden | The Emerald Triangle | Giant Panda60 min
Season 52Episode 6Maria Butina | The Battle of Brexit | The Wright Way60 min
Season 52Episode 7Jamie Dimon | Dimon in Detroit | Targeting the Truth60 min
Season 52Episode 8Red Flag Laws | Into the Deep | The Youngest Refugees60 min
Season 52Episode 9The Russian Hack | Tania's Story | Mind Reading60 min
Season 52Episode 10YouTube | Unsheltered | Built by Angels60 min
Season 52Episode 11Genetic Information Age | City on a Hill | The Sandman60 min
Season 52Episode 12A Central Ally | The Lost Music60 min
Season 52Episode 13Jeffrey Epstein | Antibiotics on the Farm | Shakira60 min
Season 52Episode 14Venice is Drowning | Joaquin Phoenix | Rafa60 min
Season 52Episode 1560 Minutes Presents: Whitaker's Wildlife Tour60 min
Season 52Episode 1660 Minutes Presents: Great Adventures60 min
Season 52Episode 17A Continent on Fire | The Server | West Side Story60 min
Season 52Episode 18Bernie Sanders | 298 Counts of Murder | Vision of Music60 min
Season 52Episode 19Michael Bloomberg | The Trial of a Navy SEAL | Array of Hope60 min
Season 52Episode 20Coronavirus | Fiona Hill | Elfstedentocht60 min
Season 52Episode 21Chasing Coronavirus | Children of Flint | King of the Road60 min
Season 52Episode 22Stopping the Coronavirus | Neel Kashkari | A Populist Movement60 min
Season 52Episode 23State of N.Y. | Brené Brown | The African Basketball Trail60 min
Season 52Episode 24Critical Condition | Talking to the Past60 min
Season 52Episode 25Short Supply | Staying Well | The Resurrection of St. Nicholas60 min
Season 52Episode 26Life and Death | Feeding the Front Line | The Crown Prince of Kabuki60 min
Season 52Episode 27On the Line | Outbreak Science | The Unseen Enemy60 min
Season 52Episode 28The Jobless | Where Does the Money Go? | The State of Texas60 min
Season 52Episode 29Pandemic Politics | Amazon | Ghost Guns60 min
Season 52Episode 30Chairman of the Federal Reserve | Whistleblower | The Reckoning60 min
Season 52Episode 31The Promise of Plasma | Spilling Across the Border | Perseverance60 min
Season 52Episode 32Nation in Crisis | A Long Siege | Failure to Protect60 min
Season 52Episode 33The College Test | Exhume the Truth | Three Empty Chairs60 min
Season 52Episode 34Chief Arradondo | The Opioid Playbook60 min
Season 52Episode 35Voting in the Pandemic | Wild West of Testing | Probiotics60 min
Season 52Episode 36Children of Flint | A Different Kind of Vision | Rafa60 min
Season 53Episode 1The Battle for the Ballot | H.R. McMaster | Coach O and the Sideways Season60 min
Season 53Episode 2Florida's Amendment 4 | The Wall | Sir David60 min
Season 53Episode 3Fire! | Talent on the Spectrum | Seinfeld in 202060 min
Season 53Episode 4Treating COVID-19 Today | The Lincoln Project | Grizzlies60 min
Season 53Episode 5Putin's Public Enemy | Dr. Fauci | Hell Flight60 min
Season 53Episode 6Election Edition: The Candidates60 min
Season 53Episode 7Ask Ohio | Arizona Counts | The First Outbreak60 min
Season 53Episode 8Counting the Vote | Operation Warp Speed | Ken Burns60 min
Season 53Episode 9The 44th President | TikTok60 min
Season 53Episode 10COVID's Long Haulers | Where Did They Go? | 90+60 min
Season 53Episode 11Securing the Election | The Last Slave Ship | James Corden60 min
Season 53Episode 12Peddling PPE | Secondary Sports | Viola Davis60 min
Season 53Episode 13Saudi Fugitives | The High Cost of Healing | Excited Delirium60 min
Season 53Episode 14An End in Sight | Justice Defenders | Built by Angels60 min
Season 53Episode 15Section 230 | The Case Against Curtis Flowers | Notes of Grace60 min
Season 53Episode 16January 6th | 11,780 Votes | American Independent60 min
Season 53Episode 17Against All Enemies | The Threat | The Comeback60 min
Season 53Episode 18Left Behind | The Biodata Race | DNA For Sale60 min
Season 53Episode 19SolarWinds | Bill Gates 3.0 | Simone Biles60 min
Season 53Episode 20Attack on the Judiciary | Handcuffed to the Truth | QAnon60 min
Season 53Episode 21Progress & Patience | Incoming | Colson Whitehead60 min
Season 53Episode 22The Unequal Recession | The Long Shot | Back to the Moon60 min
Season 53Episode 23Variants | The Prosecutor | Best Band in the Land60 min
Season 53Episode 24Prosecuting the Riot | Race in the Ranks | Back to School60 min
Season 53Episode 25What Happened in Wuhan? | Dynamic Robots | Kindred in the Bleachers60 min
Season 53Episode 26A Fair Shot | Darren Walker | Survival60 min
Season 53Episode 27Chairman Powell | The Last Pandemic | Prince and the Revelation60 min
Season 53Episode 28The Oath Keepers | Race & Health | Viola Davis60 min
Season 53Episode 29The Prosecutors | Putin's Public Enemy | Showstopper60 min
Season 53Episode 30The Secretary of State | Chips | The Premonition60 min
Season 53Episode 31Ingenuity and Perseverance | The Ritchie Boys60 min
Season 53Episode 32Facial Recognition | UAP | Rafa60 min
Season 53Episode 33Transgender Healthcare | Geldingadalir | Exhume the Truth60 min
Season 53Episode 34Attacks on the Judiciary | 90+ | Notes of Grace60 min
Season 53Episode 35What Happened in Wuhan? | Ransomware | Sir David60 min
Season 53Episode 36High Velocity | The Last Slave Ship | Simone Biles60 min
Season 54Episode 19.11 the FDNY60 min
Season 54Episode 2Take the Fight to the Night | Rep. Liz Cheney | King of the Deep60 min
Season 54Episode 3The Facebook Whistleblower | Unforgiven | The Final Act60 min
Season 54Episode 4Deepfakes | 1,000 Children | Deep Springs60 min
Season 54Episode 5Robert Gates | The Green River Drift | Whither Ye Olde English Pub60 min
Season 54Episode 6Prince V. Spy | Running Dry | Michael Keaton60 min
Season 54Episode 7Democracy Lost | A New Model | The Future Of Sapiens60 min
Season 54Episode 8Missouri's New Gun Law | The Longest-Running Oil Spill | Carnegie Heroes60 min
Season 54Episode 9Freight Expectations | Andrew Sullivan | The Get Back Sessions60 min
Season 54Episode 10Reimagining Police | Supersonic | Caligula's Gardens60 min
Season 54Episode 11Hazing | Saving The Mountain Gorillas| Rita Moreno60 min
Season 54Episode 12Reality Winner | China's Next Revolution? | Gucci60 min
Season 54Episode 13Negotiating with the Taliban | Let There Be Light | An Island Off an Island60 min
Season 54Episode 14"The Beast" | America's Dirty Secret | Trevor Noah60 min
Season 54Episode 15Weather and Wine | Drawing Truth to Power60 min
Season 54Episode 16The Big Quit | One Small Step | The Kicker60 min
Season 54Episode 17The Betrayal | Chris Stapleton60 min
Season 54Episode 18Death In Training | Breaking Point | Canada's Unmarked Graves60 min
Season 54Episode 19The Front | Targeting Americans60 min
Season 54Episode 20Headlines From Ukraine | The Grid | Wrongful Detainees | Headlines, Deadlines, Bottom Lines60 min
Season 54Episode 21Platform 4 | State Of The Pandemic | Flying Blind60 min
Season 54Episode 22Headlines from Ukraine | Voting Rights & Wrongs | Secretary Pete | The Improbable Tale of Ted Lasso60 min
Season 54Episode 23Economic Shock and Awe | Through The Roof | Sue Bird60 min
Season 54Episode 24City of Lions | Londongrad | Laurie Anderson60 min
Season 54Episode 25President Zelenskyy | Bitcoin Beach60 min
Season 54Episode 26Shields Up | Running Volkswagen | eVTOLs60 min
Season 54Episode 27Director of the FBI | Examining the Bin Laden Papers | Mayor Adams60 min
Season 54Episode 28Harvest of War | Eurovision | Birds Aren't Real60 min
Season 54Episode 29Mark Esper | Crisis | Ballet in Exile60 min
Season 54Episode 30Bellingcat | Sharswood60 min
Season 54Episode 31In Short Supply | Hope Chicago | Jonas Kaufmann60 min
Season 55Episode 1President Biden | Ebrahim Raisi60 min
Season 55Episode 2Secretary of State Blinken | Inside the Committee | Rescuing Reefs60 min
Season 55Episode 3Olena Zelenska | What Happened at Grizzly Flats | Captain Kolisi60 min
Season 55Episode 4Taiwan | After Ian | Church and State60 min
Season 55Episode 5The Lost Souls Of Bucha | The Power Of Grimsby | Coach Prime60 min
Season 55Episode 6Dominion | American Prairie | Ina Garten60 min
Season 55Episode 7Belief in the Ballot | Pathogen X | David Sedaris60 min
Season 55Episode 8Angry in America | Buses from the Border | Ready or Not60 min
Season 55Episode 9The Surfside Mystery | The Paper Brigade | Sona and the Kora60 min
Season 55Episode 10The Most Dangerous Place in the World |The Panini Sticker Phenomenon | Wild Horses60 min
Season 55Episode 11Grave Injustice | Survival of the Friendliest | Comparative Oncology60 min
Season 55Episode 12The French President | Return to Gorongosa | The South Dakota Kid60 min
Season 55Episode 13The Treasury Secretary | Suing Social Media | College of Magic60 min
Season 55Episode 14Convoy of Life | Litigation Funding | Lourdes60 min
Season 55Episode 15Radio Free Europe | The Vanishing Wild | Obesity60 min
Season 55Episode 16Prince Harry | A Hans Zimmer Score60 min
Season 55Episode 17Star Power | Hide and Seek | The Guru60 min
Season 55Episode 18The IMF Report | Investigating Donald Trump | Red Hot Chili Peppers60 min
Season 55Episode 19Candles Against the Darkness | Prime Minister Marin | The Historymakers60 min
Season 55Episode 20Kherson Under Fire | The Girls of Sola60 min
Season 55Episode 21Please Let Me Die | Who is Minding the Chatbots? | David Byrne60 min
Season 55Episode 22The State of the Navy | "Only in America"60 min
Season 55Episode 23Feeling of Feeling | Silicon Valley Scandal | Charles Barkley60 min
Season 55Episode 24MTG | The Secretary and the Border | Fire and Ice60 min
Season 55Episode 25The Origin of Everything | Sportswashing | The Resurrection of Notre Dame60 min
Season 55Episode 26Revolution | The Unlikely Adventures of David Grann60 min
Season 55Episode 27Healing and Hope | Who is Ray Epps | Nicolas Cage60 min
Season 55Episode 28The Domino Effect | Out of Thin Air | An American Down Under60 min
Season 55Episode 29This Ancient Atrocity | Lithium Valley | James Nachtwey60 min
Season 55Episode 30The Church's Fiirm | The Sperm Whales of Dominica | Yannick Nézet-Séguin60 min
Season 55Episode 31Price Gouging | Targeting Seniors | Jeff Koons60 min
Season 56Episode 1President Volodymyr Zelenskyy | Into the Streets| Prime Time in Colorado60 min
Season 56Episode 2CARE Court | Bankrolling the War | Hanging On60 min
Season 56Episode 3The Attorney General | The Rise and Fall of Sam Bankman-Fried60 min
Season 56Episode 4The Godfather of AI | General Milley | Rich Paul | 3D Printing90 min
Season 56Episode 5President Biden | Rescue at the Kibbutz | The 5060 min
Season 56Episode 6The Five Eyes | A Prisoner of Iran | Pink | The Isle of Man90 min
Season 56Episode 7Vice President Harris | A Quiet Invasion | The Air We Breathe | The State of the Blues90 min
Season 56Episode 8John Eastman | Our Mistake is Your Responsibility | Monkey Island | The Last Minute60 min
Season 56Episode 9Iran's Assassins | The Heritage War | Horse Racing Reform?60 min
Season 56Episode 10Disappeared | The Stand | The Underboss | Africatown90 min
Season 56Episode 11Rise | Sealand | Ancient Vines90 min
Season 56Episode 12Chaos On Campus | Quantum Computing | Greta Gerwig60 min
Season 56Episode 13The Resistance | Red and Green | Novak Djokovic60 min
Season 56Episode 14The Hostage Story | The Looting of Cambodia | Gnawa90 min
Season 56Episode 15The Sperm Whales of Dominica | Monkey Island | Hanging On60 min
Season 56Episode 16Commercial Real Estate | Master of the Mind60 min
Season 56Episode 17Agency In Crisis | Interpol | Modern Ark60 min
Season 56Episode 18Chairman Powell | A Hole in the System | The Mismatch60 min
Season 56Episode 19Crisis In the Red Sea | Fake Electors | Finding Cillian Murphy60 min
Season 56Episode 20142 Days in Gaza | China60 min
Season 56Episode 21Operation Lone Star | 97 Books | Artemis60 min
Season 56Episode 22The Capital of Free Russia | Healing Justice60 min
Season 56Episode 23The Right to Be Wrong | AMLO | Law of the Sea60 min
Season 56Episode 24Targeting Americans | Indian Relay60 min
Season 56Episode 25Dr. Kuznetzov | Your Chatbot Will See You Now | The Ring60 min
Season 56Episode 26Scattered Spider | Knife | Tasmanian Tiger60 min
Season 56Episode 27Secretary of Commerce | On British Soil | Kevin Hart60 min
Season 56Episode 28Children of War | Nvidia | Crisis at Pearl Harbor60 min
Season 56Episode 29Leader Jeffries | Work to Own | St. Mary's60 min
Season 56Episode 30A Week in Israel | A Web of Intrigue60 min
Season 56Episode 31Pope Francis | Cuban Spycraft | The Album60 min
Season 57Episode 1TBA60 min