Bob the Builder

Bob the Builder (1999)

  • Genre: Animation, Family
  • Creator: Keith Chapman
  • First Air Date: 1999-04-12
  • Last Air Date: 2019-06-18
  • Total Seasons: 20
  • Total Episodes: 359
  • Status: Ended
  • Episode Runtime: 10 min.
  • Production Company: HiT Entertainment
  • Production Country: United Kingdom, United States of America, Canada
  • Networks: BBC One, CBeebies
star 5.646/10
From 102 Ratings


Bob the Builder and his machine team are ready to tackle any project. Bob and the Can-Do Crew demonstrate the power of positive thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and follow-through. The team always shows that “The Fun Is In Getting It Done!”


Is Bob the Builder on Paramount Plus?

Unfortunately the series Bob the Builder is not yet available on Paramount Plus.

Bob the Builder Seasons

Season 0

First Air Date: 2002-12-23
12 Episodes

Season 1

First Air Date: 1999-04-12
13 Episodes

Season 2

First Air Date: 1999-10-11
13 Episodes

Season 3

First Air Date: 2000-09-25
13 Episodes

Season 4

First Air Date: 2000-11-27
14 Episodes

Season 5

First Air Date: 2002-04-01
13 Episodes

Season 6

First Air Date: 2002-09-02
13 Episodes

Season 7

First Air Date: 2003-02-03
13 Episodes

Season 8

First Air Date: 2003-09-01
14 Episodes

Season 9

First Air Date: 2004-04-03
13 Episodes

Season 10

First Air Date: 2005-05-02
17 Episodes

Season 11

First Air Date: 2005-08-01
12 Episodes

Season 12

First Air Date: 2006-07-31
14 Episodes

Season 13

First Air Date: 2006-08-18
13 Episodes

Season 14

First Air Date: 2007-09-03
12 Episodes

Season 15

First Air Date: 2007-09-19
15 Episodes

Season 16

First Air Date: 2008-08-05
13 Episodes

Season 17

First Air Date: 2010-04-12
20 Episodes

Season 18

First Air Date: 2011-09-19
20 Episodes

Season 19

First Air Date: 2015-09-01
52 Episodes

Season 20

First Air Date: 2016-06-27
52 Episodes

Bob the Builder Episodes

Title Air Date Duration
Season 1Episode 1Sky-High Scoop15 min
Season 1Episode 2Milkshake Mixup15 min
Season 1Episode 3Kitchen Whizz15 min
Season 1Episode 4Lofty Lets Loose15 min
Season 1Episode 5Scoop's Big Break15 min
Season 1Episode 6Bob the Brave15 min
Season 1Episode 7Saffi's Treehouse15 min
Season 1Episode 8Cats and Dogs15 min
Season 1Episode 9Workshop Makeover15 min
Season 1Episode 10Muck on Ice15 min
Season 1Episode 11Bentley's Bones15 min
Season 1Episode 12Bear Mountain15 min
Season 1Episode 13Fitness Frenzy15 min
Season 1Episode 14Ballroom Blitz15 min
Season 1Episode 15Rockets Under the Stars15 min
Season 1Episode 16Winter in Spring15 min
Season 1Episode 17Pick Up a Penguin15 min
Season 1Episode 18Home on the Range15 min
Season 1Episode 19Pass the Parcel15 min
Season 1Episode 20Dig This15 min
Season 1Episode 21Dino Park15 min
Season 1Episode 22Marathon Span15 min
Season 1Episode 23End of the Line15 min
Season 1Episode 24Light! Camera! Leo!15 min
Season 1Episode 25Star Struck Muck15 min
Season 1Episode 26Here Be Dragons15 min
Season 1Episode 27Check Up Day15 min
Season 1Episode 28Boogie Woogie Wonderland15 min
Season 1Episode 29Scoops Pet Shark15 min
Season 1Episode 30Car Wash15 min
Season 1Episode 31Out of the Woods15 min
Season 1Episode 32Never Give Up15 min
Season 1Episode 33Smallest Rocket15 min
Season 1Episode 34Scoop and the Slide15 min
Season 1Episode 35Spring City Wheel15 min
Season 1Episode 36Star Attraction15 min
Season 1Episode 37Stranded15 min
Season 1Episode 38Tattie's Mash-Up15 min
Season 1Episode 39Spring City TV15 min
Season 1Episode 40Wind and Shine15 min
Season 1Episode 41Spring City Clock15 min
Season 1Episode 42Muck and the Elephant15 min
Season 1Episode 43Bob and the Masked Biker15 min
Season 1Episode 44Dizzy's Pirates15 min
Season 1Episode 45City Beach15 min
Season 1Episode 46The Silver Shield15 min
Season 1Episode 47Scoop Cries Wolf15 min
Season 1Episode 48Battle of the Boards15 min
Season 1Episode 49Stormy Weather10 min
Season 1Episode 50The Big Bang10 min
Season 1Episode 51A Present for Bob15 min
Season 1Episode 52Fly Away Ghost10 min
Season 2Episode 1Pyramid Puzzle15 min
Season 2Episode 2Phillip's Sleepover15 min
Season 2Episode 3Haunted Town Hall15 min
Season 2Episode 4Flotsam and Jetsam15 min
Season 2Episode 5Drive Thru Disaster15 min
Season 2Episode 6Where's Pilchard?15 min
Season 2Episode 7Bob's Band15 min
Season 2Episode 8Wild Wild Wedding15 min
Season 2Episode 9Jumping Muck15 min
Season 2Episode 10Muck Mucks About15 min
Season 2Episode 11Phillip's Important Job15 min
Season 2Episode 12Moving House10 min
Season 2Episode 13Wendy's Surprise10 min
Season 2Episode 14Icy Cold Fixham10 min
Season 2Episode 15Super Scoop10 min
Season 2Episode 16Dizzy and the Butterfly10 min
Season 2Episode 17Dino Coaster10 min
Season 2Episode 18Crane Pain10 min
Season 2Episode 19A Message from Space10 min
Season 2Episode 20Bob's Badges10 min
Season 2Episode 21Apples Everywhere10 min
Season 2Episode 22Muck the Safety Officer10 min
Season 2Episode 23Best Laid Plans10 min
Season 2Episode 24Bob's Big Surprise10 min
Season 2Episode 25A Safe Place For Dizzy10 min
Season 2Episode 26Pilchard and the Bear10 min
Season 2Episode 27In Too Deep10 min
Season 2Episode 28The Dash Lighting Experience10 min
Season 2Episode 29TV or Not TV10 min
Season 2Episode 30Captain Bentley10 min
Season 2Episode 31Machine Magic10 min
Season 2Episode 32Bucket Stand10 min
Season 2Episode 33Camping Calamity10 min
Season 2Episode 34Dino Scare10 min
Season 2Episode 35Bricks And Mortar10 min
Season 2Episode 36Scoop's Scoops10 min
Season 2Episode 37Hoist Away10 min
Season 2Episode 38Pop Up Shops10 min
Season 2Episode 39Yard Muddle10 min
Season 2Episode 40Roley's Speech10 min
Season 2Episode 41Muck The Chauffeur10 min
Season 2Episode 42Scoop Dashes For Glory10 min
Season 2Episode 43Ship Shape10 min
Season 2Episode 44Too Many Cooks10 min
Season 2Episode 45Training Day10 min
Season 2Episode 46Muck's Stinky Trip10 min
Season 2Episode 47Playing Ketchup10 min
Season 2Episode 48Shifters New Garage10 min
Season 2Episode 49Snow Fall10 min
Season 2Episode 50Danger House10 min
Season 2Episode 51Muck the Elf10 min
Season 2Episode 52A Christmas Fix10 min
Season 3Episode 1A-Amazing Maze10 min
Season 3Episode 2Grand Marshal Bob10 min
Season 3Episode 3Fess Up Or Mess Up10 min
Season 3Episode 4Bob's First Build10 min
Season 3Episode 5Grid Block10 min
Season 3Episode 6Bob Cat Bridge10 min
Season 3Episode 7Speedway Scoop10 min
Season 3Episode 8Parrot Talk10 min
Season 3Episode 9Lofty's Playground Problem10 min
Season 3Episode 10Dog Disaster10 min
Season 3Episode 11Can't Runaway Runway10 min
Season 3Episode 12Scoop's Big Oops10 min
Season 3Episode 13Floating Away10 min
Season 3Episode 14Episode 1410 min
Season 3Episode 15A Heavy Load10 min
Season 3Episode 16Canal Chaos10 min
Season 3Episode 17Barn Building Bedlam10 min
Season 3Episode 18Aqua Ducks10 min
Season 3Episode 19Talking Loud And Clear10 min
  • Greg Proops

    as Bob the Builder (voice)
  • Rupert Degas

    as Scrambler / Sandy Beach / Brickbeard (voice)
  • Lorelei King

    as Wendy / Roley / Sumsy / Packer (voice)
  • David Menkin

    as Scoop / Travis (voice)
  • Lachele Carl

    as Muck (voice)
  • Alan Marriott

    as Scoop / Travis / Dodger (voice)
  • Vincent Marzello

    as Farmer Pickles / Robert / Tumbler (voice)
  • Emma Tate

    as Lofty / Dizzy / Benny / Marjorie / Ella / Saffron (voice)
  • Maria Darling

    as Dizzy / Roley / Trix (voice)
  • Rob Rackstraw

    as Spud / Mr. Bentley (voice)
  • William Dufris

    as Bob / Farmer Pickles / Mr. Beasley / Mr. Sabatini / Skip (voice)
  • Marc Silk

    as Bob the Builder / Mr. Beasley (voice)
  • Sophie Aldred

    as Muck (voice)